Cure For Bacterial Vaginosis and Vaginal Odor


How to Cure Bacterial Vaginosis and Eliminate Bad Vaginal Odor Naturally

Read My Story On How A Simple Natural Remedy Help Me Cure My Bacterial Vaginosis and Eliminate Vaginal Odor Permanently!

If the odor of your vaginal smell fishy or unpleasant, then you know exactly how embarrassing this condition can be and how it can affect your life socially and professionally.

For me personally, I have had a bad case of vaginal odor when I was 23 last year. The fishy odor auto-manifest out from nowhere and until now, I haven't yet been able to figure out what causes the smell.

On certain days, it smell so bad that I was afraid to even step out of the house.

Because of this bad vaginal odor, it make me feel not so fresh and unclean.

I tried bathing regularly but it doesn't help to eliminate the smell. I even tried different remedies like douches and several over-the-counter brands of vaginal wash but to no avail. The odor would just disappear for a few hours, after which it would come back and the smell got even stronger.

Nothing seems to work to stop the vaginal odor.

After several weeks, eventually, I went to see my doctor and she performed a vaginal examination on me which include a pap test and a vaginal pH test.

Surprisingly, my pap smears results return normal but the vaginal pH test indicate that I may have a problem. Further tests confirm that the cause of my bad vaginal odor is due to an overgrowth of "unhealthy" microorganisms inside my vagina.

There's even a name for this foul vaginal odor. It's called Bacterial Vaginosis or more specifically Gardnerella vaginitis.

I was then informed by my doctor that it is one of the most common cause of vaginitis symptoms in young women and then prescribed some antibiotics (Flagyl) to me to help treat the infection and odor.

If you have these common symptoms, you may have Bacterial Vaginosis (BV):
  • Unplesant fishy smell
  • Have gray or yellowish vaginal discharge
  • Intense itching, inflammation, or irritation of the vaginal
The drugs seems to work to eliminate the smell however the cure was only temporary. After I finished the medication, the fishy odor came back again.

Also, while on the antibiotics, I sometimes experience feelings of nausea and loss of appetite which my doctor had warned me about.

Subsequently due to the drugs side effects, I decide to stop the medication and look for more natural alternatives to help me get rid of my bacterial vaginosis and vaginal odor.

While searching online in some women's health forums looking for answers and remedies, I stumbled upon a post by an ex-sufferer of bacterial vaginosis who recommended Kristina's natural bacteria vaginosis remedy.

This natural remedy changed my life!

Not only did it cure my bacterial vaginosis but it also eliminated the bad vaginal odor that has been bothering me for almost a year.

Now, 3 months have passed and the smelly odor has never recur again (**keeping my finger crossed).

Recently, I went back to my doctor to have another checkup and she was equally surprised and happy for me that I manage to get rid of my Bacterial Vaginosis and vaginal odor naturally without the help of any antibiotics.

I must admit the "lack of vaginal odor" make me feel like a normal person again.

If you have been suffering from vaginal odor because of bacterial vaginosis -- and would like a natural cure to this smelly condition without drugs, Kristina's bacterial vaginosis remedy can help you.

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Yours Sincerely,

Faith Lee

P.S. Have faith... it's never too late for you to start smelling fresh again!